“Sri Lankan Sun”

Sibylle is fond of cocktails. She loves to make them. And if we are going out to a restaurant to celebrate something with a drink, she also likes to order one.

The preparation of a cocktail looks sometimes more like a secret ritual. And certain cocktails require also exotic ingredients that are not always easily available. But Sibylle does not like that. She has the attitude that a cocktail should be easily be prepared and that many delicious cocktails require just a limited amount of ingredients. And what about the right ratio of the ingredients, which seems so important in a cocktail recipe? Don’t make it too complicated she says, it’s all in the wrist!

Sibylle and Bert visited Sri Lanka in 2011, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020. And they could sometimes be found in the bar of Hotel Suisse in Kandy. The recipe below stems from the bar of the Hotel. Or put it in a different way, Sibylle was able to reconstruct the recipe. And we gave it the name “Sri Lankan Sun”.

Would you like to mix one yourself? Here is the recipe! You need the following ingredients:

  • mango juice (not necessarily fresh juice, but use a good quality, not too “thin”),
  • white rum (like the well-known Baccardi),
  • Tripple sec (an orange liquor),
  • lime juice,
  • ice cubes.

The use of a cocktail shaker makes the preparation of the cocktail very easy.

For one cocktail; take a liquor glass (40cl) and fill it 3/4 with rum and 1/4 with Tripple sec. Put the content in a shaker. Add two liquor glasses of mango juice and the juice of half a lime. Put two ice cubes in the shaker and shake short but strongly. Empty the shaker in a glass of your choice, the ice cubes should stay behind in the cocktail shaker. Their only purpose is to cool the drink, and should not be melted and become part of the drink. Ready! For more cocktails, multiply the amount of ingredients proportionally.

If you don’t have Tripple sec, take Cointreau or Grand Marnier. The lime can be replaced by a lemon. No mango juice, try the juice of a peach. No shaker available? Then you have to stir, although James Bond certainly would not like it that way. Take the ice cubes out before you pour the cocktail in a glass.

As you can see this cocktail is easily prepared with ingredients that are very well available!