Here you can find recipes “with a story”, where do they come from, why are they so beloved and how can you enjoy them best.



Sibylle’s Apple Compote

The original recipe for a Swiss apple compote. Apples belong with potatoes and cheese to the very basic ingredients of the Swiss cuisine. To pot them is an old technique to preserve them for the winter months and was almost a surviving strategy in the poorer regions. Sibylle rediscovered this tradition.

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Deer rump steak


Wouter-Jan’s Deer Rump Steak

If you want to know how hunters prepare a deer rump steak for themselves, don’t look further. Our dear friend Wouter-Jan, a hunter for over half a century, will share his delicious recipe with us. And if you have your doubts, when it comes to hunting, please read Bert’s introduction of his recipe, before you start cooking.

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CocktailTime! “Sri Lankan Sun”

Always thought that preparing a cocktail is difficult, takes a lot of exotic ingredients and can only be done by experienced bartenders? Then try this one. We’ve called it Sri Lankan sun and it is inspired by one of our visits to Sri Lanka. Sibylle reconstructed the recipe and shares it with us.

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MS Kanel Snurrerr

Henriette’s Kanelsnurrerr

What do the Norwegians today, to avoid a winter depression? Do they loot their neighbor countries like the old Vikings did? No of course not, nowadays they bake Kanelsnurrerr! A delicious pastry spiced with cinnamon. Our friend Henriette shares her traditional recipe with us.

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