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Since the outbreak of the COVIC-19 pandemic, I have advocated that this pandemic and climate warming alarmism are two of a kind when it comes to the misuse of these “perceived catastrophes to mankind” for political goals. Just think of it. Why should you sacrifice the world economy, although it is clearly demonstrated by Sweden that herd immunity is the only natural way to get rid of the virus. An approach that is increasingly supported by virologists, for example by this group of three virologists from Oxford, Stanford and Harvard. Or by this group of 10 experts. Or why are the Western economies, with the EU as front runner, shooting themselves in the foot over and over again, because they want “CO2 neutrality as soon as possible”. And this, although there is more and more convincing proof that there is no reason for a climate alarm at all. Under normal circumstances one should think, that, with so much “unsettled science”, politicians would be very careful with taking draconian steps. Simply, because these steps are so harmful for the economy. But they are not, on the contrary. So, why is that? There is a multitude of answers, with one thing in common. There are several and sometimes very powerful parties, or stakeholders if you want, who thrive in the current situation. It shifts more power to the state and to politicians. The latter, only as long as there is a perceived democracy. But more important, it paves the way to reshape the economy. To a more green one. But to the World Economic Forum (WEF), that is not enough. They want to redefine almost all parts of the economy, worldwide. And they call it “the great reset”. So our first topic is about the WEF.


The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the “Great Reset”.

First I want to repeat a small part from our last climate mail: As our readers know, I do not believe in conspiracy theories, so I never go beyond what people have actually said and can be verified. In the same vein, I never guess about their motivations, I just take them by their own word. But to me it is already clear for a long time that the COVIC-19 pandemic is used (or misused if you want), to rebuild the economy green. So I want to take a look here what the WEF and important representatives of the WEF have recently stated regarding the pandemic: “There is a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis… “. And here you can hear it directly from Klaus Schwab, chairman of the WEF. On this page, you can see that Schwab`s message is repeated by quite a lot of influential people. Like Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, Sharan Burrow, General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation  and, of course HRH the Prince of Wales. Otherwise known as Prince Charles, who recently urged for a Military-style Marshall Plan needed to combat climate change. On first sight, people who read or hear these kind of statements, may even sympathize with them. But they don’t realize that they are on the road to serfdom. Schwab and his leftist billionaire friends want to reshape the world according to their liking. And that is a socialist one-world government. There is no place for democracy. But leave it to them, so they can shape the world according to their own academic theories, for your own good of course.

Greta Thunberg also belongs to the distinguished guests of the WEF. But here you can see her when she got an unexpected question from a journalist, who was actually very respectful to her. Greta without teleprompter or scriptwriter so to say. Or to put it the other way around, without “coaching” and scriptwriting, she is nowhere. It is just a manipulated child, that is actually very much in need of help. And it demonstrates to me how ruthless the people actually are, who are using Greta for their interest.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is in the same league as the WEF. Here you can hear how its chairman is urging the world to use the pandemic to fight climate change. As an aside, long term readers know that Bill Gates is the largest sponsor of the WHO.

But the COVID-19 pandemic is not only very practical to reset the world. It can also be used to defeat fascism (read Trump). At least that is how Jane Fonda sees it, she calls the pandemic “god’s gift to the left”, yes you read it correctly. It makes also clear why, primarily in democratic (left) governed US states and cities, the COVID-19 restrictions are so strict. They use “god’s gift” to ruin the economy. Not only to reduce CO2 emissions, but also to blame Trump.

Before we leave this topic, it is good to have a look how “god’s gift” and the first shadows of the “Great Reset” are working out in reality. Here you can see some very resent footage from the City of London, a very sobering experience. You can replace “London” by any town or area in the world, the more so if the government is acting more draconic to fight the pandemic, that has evolved by now into a normal flue and should be treated as such according to “Doctors for Truth”. One of the effects is that over half of Europe’s small firms fear for survival, survey finds. And the great reset has even not started in earnest yet. To return to the “Doctors for Truth”, founded by the Dutch family practitioner Elke de Klerk, you will find that all of their videos are removed from YouTube. Interesting for our Dutch readers is that she started a lawsuit against the Dutch state regarding their Corona policy and the plans to vaccinate all medical staff in The Netherlands when a vaccine becomes available.


Economic growth is bad for the climate, Europe’s Science Academies claim

If you ever doubted whether one of the agendas behind “climate change = man made” was the shrinkages of the western economies, your author thinks that this is a smoking gun. Europe’s main science academies (even including Switzerland) reveal their anti-growth agenda. And they advocate “de-growth”. And this in a time that Europe faces a catastrophic economic crisis and tens of millions of redundancies as a result of the political measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, there is growing tension among policy makers between saving the economy and economic growth and saving Europe’s costly climate agenda. Critical observers have always known that this kind of radical climate activism is driven by an anti-capitalist agenda. More background can be found here.


Climate alarmism continues

The discussion about Climate Change is not a scientific discussion anymore, our readers will be fully aware of that. It has become a political discussion based on false premises. Maybe it is sometimes even better to call it a psychological warfare. Recently, the United Nations published a report called  “Human Cost of Disasters”. The report announced a “staggering rise in climate-related disasters over the last twenty years”. However, the same report contains a graph showing that the number of climate-related disasters has actually decreased by 15 percent since 2000. It is not only misleading but gives another clear insight in the quality of their scientific work. And here are more reports of the same “scientific quality”, an EU report about vanishing beaches was alarmist and wrong, scientists say. Satellite Data show that 75% of the world’s beaches are stable or growing. In the meantime, the discussion becomes not only more politicized by the day. But also more aggressive. Even Sir David Attenborough, poster child of the climate movement because his constant climate alarmism and even willing to “bend the facts” towards climate alarmism (shame on you Sir David ☹), comes now under attack of Extinction Rebellion after he criticised their extremism.


Don’t give up on travelling 😉

It is important not to give up on an enjoyable life. Although some people get really depressed from the toxic mixture of lock-downs and climate alarmism. You author has always loved to travel and is always keen on nice travel documentaries. This recent (2018) series of railways journeys through India is just so inspiring. Part 2, part3 and part 4 are of equal quality. And, having travelled some of these routes myself in 1996, I felt “beamed back” to Asia again. I really hope it inspires you as well and makes you realize that actually our free world is at stake, right now and worldwide.

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Bert Wenkenbach

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