The best place to maintain relations with friends and family is around the dining table. At least that is the experience of my partner Sibylle and me. And sooner or later, here, at the dining table, the most interesting stories are shared or good discussions develop.

Every family has its own history. Often things have happened worth telling and being remembered. Sometimes it is about the pleasant things in life, but not always. If a story is worth of being retold, then it is just a small step to document it – preferably by the person who took part in it. It gives a portrait of an era. A portrait that is often far more interesting for other people and especially coming generations, than the person telling the story is aware of. You can find these stories under memories.

Sibylle and I have travelled a lot, together and on our own. That is why we have quite some friends who are infected with the “travel virus” as well and why quite some travel stories have been told at the dining table. Sometimes from a recent trip, sometimes from trips made 30, 40 or more years ago. This also gives a portrait of an era. Interested? Have a look at travel stories.

But of course it is not only the past that is interesting. It is just as interesting to talk about daily life in for instance an Asian or European country. Our friends and family are rather scattered around the world. They are our foreign correspondents. Read what they experience under observations.

And enjoying fine food goes hand in hand with recipes. Often these recipes have a story themselves about where they come from and why they are so beloved. This site is not about cooking, but you can find some culinary inspiration under recipes.

Via this site we like to gather our friends and family around a virtual dining table, where stories can be shared and everyone who is interested can read them.

One last remark about how to navigate on this site. The main structure is in English. A lot of the stories are written in English as well. But not all of them. Some stories are (also) written in Dutch or German. It is marked on the pages and should be self evident. Unfortunately it is practically not possible to make this site fully multi lingual. And a site like this one is permanent under construction of course.


Bert Wenkenbach